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Everything about Banner stands

Choosing a Display System that Fits Your Needs
Shopping for the right display system is not an easy quest. You have so many factors to consider, like space, where do you want to locate the stand, its size, its design, which affects the massage you want the display system to deliver to the customer, and of course, its price. There are a number of factors that can make you decision making easier. First, as much as you like the design of the display system, you should always ask yourself first "what are my needs?". If you need to take the display system with you on exhibitions, you should prioritize the ease of the installation process. You don’t want to arrive at the exhibition and discover you are unable to stand your display system up.   Another very important issue is maintenance. If you need to carry the display device with you, you want to make sure it arrives with a suitcase or a hardened bag that protects the display system when you travel with it on a car or a plan. If you have to carry it by hand, you want to make sure it has wheels or another convenient way of carrying it easily. Make sure to discuss the salesperson regarding those issues and find out which products answer best your needs. Ask the salesperson to demonstrate the installation process of the display system you chose and insist to install it yourself. Make sure you understand and able to install the display system before you make the order. Make a rational decision that is based of choosing display systems that fit your needs. As much as the design aspect is important, make sure your display systems also answer your practical ones.

Standing Out
Big, well known companies are exactly that because they stand out. Everywhere we go, we see their logo stand out above all the rest. In exhibitions their booth is always the biggest and in stores they will stand out in advertising and thus attract more clients. A good idea would be to let clients know of new products, deals and sales when they enter your shop. A roll up is the best device for that purpose. The roll up stands out because of his height and arrives in different width sizes of 60, 85, 100, 120, 150 cm. It is easy to install, has a great impact and most important- occupies small space. Due to its characteristics, the roll up can be post outside the store and notify the passersby of special offers which will persuade them to enter the store. To attract more attention from clients, the roll up can be also set up near products you wish to stand out or next to salespersons. Bright colors and interesting visual will raise curiosity among potential clients and will assist you in your goal. You can also add a branded counter that matches the graphics you choose for the roll up. A company representative or a salesperson can stand and direct customers to the products, give samples and have additional information or brochures to hand out for potential buyers. There is so much more you can do with roll ups and counters and other display devices to make your company and products stand out. All you need is imagination.

The Right Combo
Many people ask my help in choosing the right display products for their upcoming exhibition. There is not one kind of the "right display system for an exhibition", but a combination that fits your needs best. If you have a small booth I would strongly advice not to overload the booth with too many devices. Choose something elegant like pop up that can be used as a great background to your booth. A pop up device offers a huge visual that guarantees to attract attention. An addition of a roll up device will assist to emphasize a specific product or information you may have and want to stand out. It is very affective to place a counter that is branded and that carries the same line of graphics that the pop up and roll up devices has, since it helps in creating the impression of unity and brands you best in exhibitions. In small booths it is necessary to have big impression, so you must choose a little but choose wisely. It is important that even a simple device like a brochure stand will stand out. Choose something that not everyone has. Choose devices that will draw interest and attention. For example, we offer a brochure stand that has a zigzag shape that will surly draw eyes to your direction. All you have to do is to insure you have winning graphics and you are set to go. Good luck!

Advantages of Banners
Banners are an overall name for display devices like roll up, L banner, X banner and more. In this article I will try my best to describe the advantages of these banners for those who are unfamiliar with those products or are unsure whether they fit their needs or not. Attracting attention is the most prominent characteristic of the roll ups and the other banners. They stand out because of their height and they are very noticeable. They make the graphic stand out and allure potential buyers. Banners such as roll ups are mainly made for indoors use and are great for exhibitions, malls, shops, shopping centers etc. On a sunny, windless day, they can also stand outside, and they can be seen from far away, stick out and draw attention. One of the most important things about banners and roll ups, is that they can be easily installed and thus, they are great for exhibitions, and for moving around from one place to another. If you don’t like the location of the roll up in your store or restaurant, you can easily move it around. Moreover, banners and roll ups occupies a very small space and make a huge impact. Even if you have a very limited space for advertising, you can still cover a big advertising surface with these products. Diversity- one of the most fun things about banners, is that they are relatively inexpensive and enable you to change your advertisement often. Whenever you have a new product, a sale or new information to display to your costumers you can notify them in a new graphic each time, in a minimal cost.  
Another aspect of diversion is in the kind of lamination you choose. Whether you like your massage to be shiny or matt, you can change your mind each time. Matt lamination is preferable if you post your banner or roll up in a very light place. Shiny lamination is very fun to look at, and as all shiny things, draws attention. While writing this article, the only disadvantage I could think of is that L banner, X banner and roll up are not for outdoor use on a stormy or windy weather, however it is not really a "con" only a matter of the purpose of the device. You really can’t go wrong using a banner or a roll up. It works every time.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Going
Do you have a new collection of clothes and accessories but no buyers? Do you have a sale but none of the items is selling? Did you reduced prices and nobody showed up? Let people know what’s going on in your store. The problem with most of the store owners is that they don’t think outside of the box. It is not enough to put on a "sale" or a "new collection" signs inside your store or on store’s window. Sometimes it just doesn’t give you the effect you need in order to gain new clients or make passer Byers enter your store.  I highly recommend posting a roll up banner outside your store, whether on the sidewalk or on the path that leads to your store. Make a stand so potential buyers will be notified of what you have to offer. A roll up is well known for its ability to be noticeable from far away, and is guaranteed to bring you the effect you need. A roll up is light weigh, portable and easy to install. It takes less than a minute to roll it up and roll it down and thus is convenient for use. You can make a little research and each day stage the roll up in a different location, and check on which day you had the most shoppers. This will give you an indication where it’s best to stand your roll up. A beautiful attractive graphic will make the roll up go unnoticed. Big letters notifying shoppers of a "sale" or a "new collection" will surly catch their attention and will make the purchase of a roll up worthwhile. You can’t go wrong with a roll up. It is extremely easy to use and will reach your target audience in no time. Its price fits for all and its impact is huge. Get the attention you want and the clients you want with an easy roll up.

5 Great Ideas for Roll Up Usage
Roll up banner can be used for so many different things. The roll up is especially used by advertising companies which already discovered the power of advertizing that this product embodies. This article is designated for everyone- both privet people and advertisers, business owners and anyone else that doesn’t answer those definitions, in order to give you some ideas for using the roll up and its advantages for your specific needs. Birthday- wouldn’t it be great to make a huge birthday party and prepare a visual of yourself? Placing a roll up in the party, where people can take their picture with you and your enlarged image is a funny attraction that no one will forget. At the end of the party, you just roll it back down and store it for next year. Although of its 2.10 meters height, when it is rolled back down, the roll up takes only a small storage space. Birth of a baby- congratulations, you have a new baby born. If you are anything like me you don’t like people touching your new born. When your baby sleeps you don’t want people to wake him up, even if it’s his own party. If you agree to that, you would find the roll up banner extremely useful. Put a picture or a few pictures of your newborn on a beautiful graphic placed on a roll up so that guest’s curiosity will be answered. Who does the baby look like? Just look at the roll up and take your guess. Surprise whatever- surprise party? Surprise proposal? Surprise whatever? What would be a better way to do it than by preparing a visual to go along with it? Make a real surprise, one that no one would expect, and prepare a graphic on a roll up that will stun everyone. The roll up can be rolled up whenever you want to and its installation is a matter of seconds, so that you can roll it up whenever you want and keep the real surprise to the right time. Valentine- it used to be romantic to serenade but today you have so many options it’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about singing out of tune. Give your valentine a big, huge surprise, a picture of you two together on a roll up banner. You can place it everywhere, roll it up and down according to the space you have. It’s mobile so you can take it everywhere with you as a surprise before you reveal it. It does not limit you to a place or time. It is all "roll up" to you. Advertizing- as I mentioned before, the advertising companies are already familiar with the many advantages that the roll up offers in that field. It is very noticeable and draws people’s attention. Advertising with roll up banners proves itself successful every time.

5 More Great Ideas for Using a Roll Up Banner
Many people addressed me regarding my recent article about 5 Great Ideas for Roll Up Usage and expressed their appreciation, saying that these ideas were extremely successful. They also told me how they personalized these ideas, and were kind enough to give me some new ideas of their own. It turns out that roll up can be used for so many interesting exciting things; all you have to do is use your creativity and imagination. Exhibition- one of the primary goals of the roll up is for displaying in exhibitions since it draws attention from passer Byers. Because of its measures the roll up can be staged as a sign that welcomes people by illustrating the most important, interesting things in front and pull their sight from the competitors. Branding- do you have a line of products? A new collection? a new you? What better way to brand yourself than to add a big, impressive roll up banner for highlighting the "new" or the "line" that you are selling? Roll up banner is an excellent device to make your brand and your massage stand out and to add a tone of greater visibility that only a roll up can offer. High school prom- Are you ready for that big event? Not if you don’t have some roll up banners lined up. Think how beautiful and impressive would be a row of roll up banners spread out on the road leading to the entrance. The cost of it is minor when you think of the effect you’ll get. This great unique idea will give you some great picture opportunities. Manu- Do you have a new and exciting dish? A business menu or a special? Write it with big letters and let everyone know! Reach the maximum of your target audience by displaying it to them on a big roll up that will not go unnoticed. Think of how impressive a menu with a big picture of some of your best selling dishes will look like on a roll up. You can easily make it happen. Background or setting- do you have a school show, a privet display or a presentation you need to deliver? Take a roll up with you. The roll up has 4 different widths: 85 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm. you can choose the roll up that is right for you and set the perfect background for you in seconds.

Everything about Roll Up
Any exhibition would be incomplete without a display of a roll up banner. The roll up, also known as a pull up display, is one of the most known and used banners there are. It has a very flexible form of display and is one of the most popular tools for businesses and marketers for drawing the crowd’s attention. A roll up is a product used for advertizing that catches the eyes of consumers. It is relatively inexpensive and brings great results. You can either display the roll up banners for a short term or a long term. The great thing about a roll up is that it fits well in every exhibition regardless of the location you choose or the space you have. This will enable you to attract more viewers and potential customers on every display. Roll up displays are storage in a long metal box which has a black carrying bag. All you need to do is to roll it up from its metal box, stable it on its extension pool that comes with it and the device can stand on its own. This process takes only a few seconds. Roll up banners are great for advertizing any product or service. Roll up banners are also available with spotlights, but you have to specifically ask your sales representative for price. They are also very easy to install. The roll up’ spotlights arrive with a clips at their end that easily attached to the roll up device. Make sure you have a plug nearby for the spotlight. The posters that are placed in the roll up banners are always covered with a thin layer of lamination whether matt or gloss which is a matter of the client’s taste and marketing strategic. This lamination protects the poster from being torn or dirty if people touch it with their hands etc. You can see the roll up banners in conventions, stores, restaurants, malls, hotels and more since the roll up is sold in an affordable price. You should be creative and use your imagination in order to use the roll up displays best so your massage will get across. Therefore, if you search for an affordable way to advertize, display your logo and give information, the best way is using a roll up banner.

You Want a Roll Up
Advertizing is what keeps every business going and growing. A roll up banner is a great tool for advertizing your products and services and will get you the attention you want from your potential clients. The roll up banner is a very popular tool for sales promotion. It is very simple and effective for advertizing products and services and expressing your ideas. Every business needs to advertize in order to grow and accomplish success, and a roll up banner is a great tool for promoting your business. The great thing about a roll up banner is that you’ll get immediate results. A business owner must decide which method he wants to use to promote his business. It is imperative to choose a sales promotion method that will fit your business best. One should also consider the amount of money he is willing to invest versus the promotional outcome and the profit he expects. It is also important to remember that you want an advertizing banner that is easy to install. That is the reason that the majority of businesses choose a roll up banner. The market offers different kinds of banners that can fit your needs, but the roll up banner has survived them all and is still the most requested product because of its advantages of being portable, light weight, easy to carry and easy to use. There is no maintenance at all with the roll up device and you can use it for many years, and it will still look as good as new. The roll up banner got its name for its ability to roll up when you open it and roll down when you close it. The roll up displays the graphics in a clear elegant manner so that the massage is always clear and visible. Keep in mind that the affectivity of the roll up banner depends on the graphics so you must choose a talented designer if you want to maximize the use you will get from the roll up banner.

Sales Promotion - the Right Way
All sales promotion events have the same declared purpose of branding the products they are selling and displaying them in an attractive way in order to address their target audience and make them love and ultimately, buy the products they’re selling. For this reason, the marketing department invests a great amounts of money in display devices, concerts, performers and other unique exciting ideas so that the target audience will feel the need to be a part of all of that and buy their product. Décor is a very important, inseparable issue that has everything to do with planning an event. Choosing the right display systems is a critical decision. These days the world of print produces many display systems that aim at creating an atmosphere and can be adjusted to different needs as well as diverse target audiences. It is extremely important that the attractive graphic and verbal massages will be printed on a display device which correlates to your event and the massage you want to deliver. A choice of a display device and settings in general, can make or break your event. There are numerous kinds of display systems that aim at sales promotion events. I will elaborate on three display devices that I believe are the most important. I will also explain their role in creating atmosphere and the possibilities of using them for branding in sales promotion events. Banner Long before it was used for describing an eye-catching commercial on the web, the banner was an extremely requested display device in digital press houses, and it still is. Banners arrive in many kinds of models; roll up, L banner, X banner and more. The banners differ in size and design, some are one sided banners and others are double sided and enable a maximum exposure of your massage in a given space. Banners are usually 2 meters in height and therefore attract a lot of attention and are very noticeable. Pop Up The pop up 3*3 and a 3*4 sizes guarantee you’ll get attention. It is great to use a pop up in exhibitions and events of many participants and one can defiantly depend on the pop up to "do the job" and attract a lot of audience. This display system is constructed of 4 or 5 panels that are attached to the device itself by magnets. The printing is attached to the panels and enables to display a huge graphic that provides noticeable massage that are seen from far away. The pop up installation is an easy, quick process that takes but a few minutes. The dismantling process is as easy and the parts of the device fit in a unique suitcase that is also a branded counter. These advantages enable to use the pop up over and over again in different occasions and events and to mobiles it easily. Because of its big proportions, the pop up is great as a background display and you can put a podium or a counter in front of it. Flying Banner   Flying banners are perfect display devices for outdoor events. The beautiful teardrop shape that we offer on our web site guarantees drawing your potential customers’ attention. Its unique ability to rotate on its base, using the ball bearing technique, allows you to present your graphics in style while using the windy outdoor environment to your advantage. Flag your massage in and out; make your massage stand out, noticeable and effective. Use multiple devices to create a tone of greater visibility. We offer our clients a selection of sizes, to fit various needs.   Visit our web site http://www.inspe.lt/lt/mobilios_konstrukcijos
for more display devices that will make your next event memorable.

Event Décor
Whether it’s a high school graduation or a sales promotion event of a big respected company, there are some basic rules of design you must follow if you want it to be successful. The décor needs to draw the attention and allure the eye, to provide stimulation and raise curiosity and to aid in creating the event’s atmosphere.   First Impression The first impression is the only one that matters. Why? Since it will set the tone of the whole event. When a lecturer enters a class for the first time his students judge him according to his walk, outfit and even the first sentence he says. The way he carries himself will set the tone for the rest of the year. The same effect occurs in events like conferences and exhibitions. When people arrive to events, all dressed up, they expect the event to be "dressed" accordingly. Its takes only a quick look to determine how big their enthusiasm or disappointment will be.   Second Impression   You have settings and great graphics, a strong massage, but what’s next? People want to be activated so they won’t get bored. Whether it’s a respectable event or a child’s birthday, a crowed has to have attraction. As the event’s producers, you must think of things you can do in order to activate them. You can let them view some important information on a display device, give a lecture, screen a short movie and more. Give them more than one attraction and most important- leave them a souvenir from the even to take home with them.    Create an atmosphere   Display systems like pop up, roll up and other banners are a perfect way to create an atmosphere. Make sure that there is logic behind your choice of display devices so that all the pieces will come together perfectly in the event itself. You can create an atmosphere using a pop up device that is big and impressive because of its unique oval figure.   Wow Effect   People love big, impressive, eye catching things. They like to have beautiful things to look at. Create an interesting exciting graphic, strong massages and funny lines for them to memorize and repeat to friends and family. Make them say "wow" make them happy or sad, as long as you make them feel. People may forget what they heard but they will not forget how you made them feel. Displayelite.com specializes in delivering a high quality display devices and printing.

Location Location Location. It doesn’t end there.
This is how you’ll present your products to potential clients It is true that location is one of the most important things. The location you choose certainly makes the difference. If you choose a central location, where many people walk through every day, you enlarge your chances of been seen and known by more people. This defiantly improves the chances that more people will see your products, may it be in your store or booth in exhibition. But the act of customers looking at your products is not your end purpose. Your goal is selling, and you want as many people buying from you as possible. You need to stimulate them, to encourage them to perform the act of purchasing. Make sure you have a range of products and solutions so that people can choose the most suitable product for them. You also want to display a range of prices to suit different classes and needs. The way something is displayed can make all the difference in the world. You should brand yourself as offering a solution and not just a product. Now you should present your solution so it will address the widest range of consumers. People tend to disregard a product if it isn’t displayed properly. For that reason you should have display systems. A display device such as a roll up can serve this purpose well. The roll up displays the graphic elegantly and noticeably. The roll up, an effective display device, will get you the effect you want, letting your customers know immediately of your product and make them react immediately. Using a roll up, you can advertize your crown product or the products which are currently on sale. The roll up is so effective because of it different sizes. It is big enough to be noticed from far away, but not too big, so it occupies a small space on the floor and doesn’t overshadow the product itself.  Colorful, attractive graphic and words such as "sale", "discount", "new" and others, written in big and bold letters will allure customers to you. The roll up is a well known product and is used by hotels, stores, shopping centers and exhibitions because they are so easy to function. The roll up banners are light weighted, installed in few seconds and can be mobilized easily. The roll up is sold with a complementary carrying bag that makes mobility light and easy. It is extremely important to put some color in to a store or a booth, if you have an exhibition. The roll up device was made for that exact purpose. People don’t enjoy looking at a blank wall or any wall. Our eyes are attracted instinctively to colors, pictures, and big bold letters. Roll up banners enable us to achieve this exact purpose.

In Times of Depression, the Action is at the Point of Sell
In these days of depression when the TV commercials don’t interest us anymore and we shut our ears to the radio a long time ago, holding our hands in our pockets, fear to spend money for our future doesn’t seem to be as financially sound as before, sales representative know very well that the action has been shifted to the point of sell. Now everything depends on the point of sell; its visuals, the display devices, the sales person’s smile and the way he chooses to present his product. Your job is making sure that all the possibilities are displayed to the customer clearly and in a convincing way so he will be able to choose the product or service that fit his needs best. It is important to have display devices in the point of sell. Your job is to show your client all the services and products you can offer. When the clients see something and imagine themselves as the owners of that product or service, the selling process is easier. It is especially true when you sell something that has an emotional or psychological value. For these reason it is important to have the right display systems at the point of sell, and to have graphics that will address his heart and feelings. This way you can influence your client’s feelings toward the product or service that you are selling. Display devices like roll up, L banner and other banners are aiming at delivering massages to customers. A display device that can display a graphic in an elegant, respected manner and does not overshadow it by its size or shape, will contribute to the customers’ positive vibe during the sale. You can display on a banner like roll up, for example, graphics that will create a feeling, like a picture of the ocean, freedom or any other visual that will make your client want your product. Colorful, attractive graphic and words such as "sale", "discount", "new" and others, written in big and bold letters will make your clients come closer to the point of sell and ask for more information, and even hurry his decision making process. You should understand the importance of display devices in the point of sell, especially in these difficult times of depression. Purchasing display devices can promote the sales significantly.

Display systems - Sell in times of Depression
These days, customers are afraid that their money is not safe because companies are bankrupting everyday. This is a good time for intensive marketing. The companies that will cut their marketing budget will be the first to experience a drop in their income. This is a critical time to focus on the selling process and to present the business as stable and renewing. Prove your customers that your business is financially secured and will not bankrupt any time soon. This is a great time for enlarging your clients’ reservoir. In past researches of the great depression back in 1929, it was found that people do not seize to purchase but they are more cautious of how they choose to spend their money. This is a great time to invest more in your point of sell and to place display devices like roll up, L banner and other kinds of banners. The prices of these display devices are very reasonable and the banners are very impressive. With a colorful graphics places on them, these banners signal clients to come closer and give you the effect you want. Roll up is a display device that had proved itself numerous of times as being very successful in letting potential customers know of sales, discounts and more. This is possible since the roll up enables displaying the graphic in a simple and straightforward manner. Because of his big size, the roll up can be seen from afar and is very eye catching. A relatively small investment in display devices like the roll up and other banners will make it clear for the customers that not only your business is not facing a bankruptcy, it even continues to advertises and renew. Lately, many big, well known companies either bankrupt or are at the verge of it. People are afraid to purchase products and services because they are not sure of the companies’ stability as before. Advertizing new products and services makes your company show continuity and business as usual. This can make customers feel safer. That is the whole purpose of display devices. Advertising through big display devices in the point of sell, where people can buy and actually feel the products, gives an immediate effect and makes them more comfortable and ease. Display devices exist because there is nothing better than sight. Once you see something you can not deny it. If you publish in the point of sell you are making the belief that the business is stable and keeps on going, a fact. The more you’ll do to interest your potential clients, the bigger are your odds of selling. Big, impressive display devices and banners with bright colors, attractive images and strong massages will pull up your clients from the gray uncertain world in which they are surrounded and you will be able to sell a positive feeling and vitality. That is the only way to guarantee your success in those difficult hours.

Counters: How, Where and which size
You can find counters at every store, exhibition, museum etc. Everyone needs counters to display their goods or explain with comfort all about the service they supply. Counters are very effective for marketing small and expensive products. They are also very useful when used for a last minute sale, just display products and you’ll see that although your client didn’t mean to buy them, he will once he is near the counter. There is a big selection of counters you can choose from. When you search for the right counter for your exhibition, try to look for one that will fits the feeling you want your client to have when he approaches. You can choose carton counters with 3 legs to place in department stores or fashion stores that aim for the younger audience. These counters can be great for sales promotion for a short range of time and can be reused. You can also consider more elegant counters for products you want to sale throughout the year. Glass counters are very beautiful and very impressive. For small products or luxury products like jewelry, baseball cards or watches, as well as anything else that can be stolen easily, or that people tend to touch and may destroy, glass counters are a great solution. This kind of counters can be purchased with or without a wooden frame. 
Counters made of acrylic are also very nice, long- lasting and sometimes less expensive. You can choose which kind of counters fit your needs the most according to the target audience and the massage you want to deliver. A rotating counter is great for displaying similar items. They make your clients be physically closer to the product and hence for larger selling rates. When the products are laid on a counter they are at the client’s eye- level when he approaches to look at the products. Sun glasses, key chains and jewelry are usually displayed in this method. These counters are usually made of acrylic and metal. They are very stable and can last for long. In case you want to buy a rotating counter make sure you buy one that has excellent quality so it will last long. It’s important to weight the products you want to display on the counter to make sure that the counter can hold them. And stay balanced. Place the heavy items on the bottom and as you move up, place lighter products.  If the counter is burdened, you can purchase stands and rotating counters that are placed directly on the ground so that you could promote the area of your counters. Don’t forget to place gift certificates near the cashier if you store offers them. This small step can definitely enlarge your sales rate and help promoting your store to a wider range of clients. Brochures, business cards and flyers ought to be displayed and not as a pack of paper that is placed on the counter, since it may give a feeling or disorder and will make your marketing products loose their status. Keep the counter neat and clean and place a nice lighting that will invite the clients to come forward and examine your goods. Remember that there are always a last-minute- sales and that you ought to be sure that your investment in marketing materials and high quality counter display will eventually make its worth.

Pop Up Frames - Most Used Display System in Exhibitions
These days, exhibitors are beginning to learn the great potential that Pop Up frames hold. Although assembling the pop up is very easy, exhibitors are still presenting with other useless display systems that are not as impressive as the pop up and thus receive only small attention.   For a small amount of money and 5 minutes you can purchase a portable pop up frame that will give you the professional presence you want. There are people who don’t take pop up display systems too seriously claiming that smaller displays are enough. Although smaller display systems are important and are a nice audition they oughtn’t to be used alone. An addition of smaller display systems to a pop up frame- is a great combination that gives a professional look to your exhibition.  
There are those who claim that an impressive presence can be reached by one’s personality alone. You can bet that’s true for some people of great personality. However, even these great personalities should want that huge advantage of having an impressive display system. Basically, a pop up is a great display for more than just exhibitions, you can use it in any presentation, seminar or meeting. If you are using a Pop Up frame instead of using a projector, you don’t need to buy a heavy screen that is heavy and uncomfortable. You can just hang an additional poster on the pop up for any additional information you need to deliver.  
A pop up frame is a must in any company for conferences as well as exhibitions and can be used for many more things.  
A pop up frame is usually very easy to use and can be assembled by a single person in just a few minutes. It is made of a light aluminum frame that occupies a relatively small space. The technique for assembling the pop up is simple, when the frame is pulled up on both sides and lifted in the same time is creates the frame of the pop up that holds the exhibition’s graphic.  
You can get the aluminum frame easily. They are used especially on exhibitions with a pop up since they are stable so all these characteristics makes the pop up a very profitable display system for exhibitions.

Pop Up - So Many Advantages
"Is it worthwhile and logical to spend money on a booth or should I just buy a pop up display system that is portable and cheaper?" that is one of many decisions that small businesses have to think about before they make their first appearance in a commercial exhibition. Naturally, if you present you would like to spend your money on marketing in expectation that will worth your investment and bring you many orders. One of the most effective tools is the portable pop up display.   If your goal is to get potential client’s attention and enlarge ads for a certain product, a modern booth will be appropriate, but if the goal is to enlarge sales and get new clients for a certain product, a pop up display will do the job.  
Many exhibitors both experienced ones and the one that are not, prefer portable pop up displays. This kind of presentation is easy to install and can usually be assembled by one or two people. You can carry the pop up display in your car’s trunk and thus you won’t have to pay for long term storage until the next exhibition.   If the booth is too big or too small, a pop up can usually fit the standard measures or you can add modules according to your need. On the other hand, a booth that is especially designed won’t hold until the next exhibition that will have to be redesigned as well so it will fit another space, a terribly unneeded expense.     
In order to decide if buying a booth is profitable and logical, you need to think if it matches your goals. By the end of the exhibition you want to get as many orders as possible, you don’t really care about receiving complements of your booth’s design. If selling is your goal, you would prefer having a portable pop up display and a well a trained team.  
Even if it’s your first commercial display, a portable pop up display is more profitable. Most of the new exhibitors don’t make enough money for renting a booth. A pop up display system makes you feel the atmosphere in the exhibition and makes your sales team the opportunity to prove themselves.  
Pop up display systems are inexpensive and give you a worth for your money.

Roll Up Display - A Marketing Tool for Exhibitions
Roll up displays that are designated to exhibitions are mostly banner displays. These roll up displays are banners that you can roll down once you finished using them. These banners are perfect for displaying a picture on the floor near a wall. This kind of banner has a unique look that makes your image stand out. The best characteristic of the roll up banner is that from a frontal view the potential clients see the image and not a "display banner". That’s due to the banner design that makes the image the central of attention, and displays only a small portion of the devise itself. A roll up banner arrives in different lengths and widths so anyone can adjust the size according to the needs. It can reach 3 meter in height and 1.50 in width. If you are looking for a portable display system, roll up is definitely the best choice. Roll up displays are great choice for many reasons. They are easy to carry and also save you money and thus more profitable for your business. A roll up banner stand is a long lasting tool and the graphic images in this kind of a display scrolls like a scrolling shutter in and out of the metal storage case. The storing case is at the base of the roll up product and you should roll the image upward and fasten it with the metal pool that secures it at the end of the device. This kind of roll up is easy to use and you don’t need practicing or special tools to install them. The image in the roll up banner is protected by a lamination that is made in both sides. This fact helps protect the image from damage and thus a roll up has a long life expectancy. For conclusion, when you consider using a banner display in the next exhibition, remember the many advantages and the abilities the roll up banner provides.

Promote Your Business and Stand Out in Exhibitions
All businesses are interested in finding a powerful, effective, convenient and profitable tool to promote their business. For many businesses, exhibitions or commercial displays are the perfect platform for it. It enables you to approach a large range of targeted audience in a short term. Whether you want to launch a new product, refresh the sales of an old product, or improve your status in your field, different exhibitions offer the perfect space for you to present your business. With that said, since compatible companies will probably meet in this perfect space it is important to stand out and make your business unique by design, graphic and differentiating your space from other businesses. Investing in first of the line display devices that are manufactured especially for your needs, and according to your products for exhibition, can really makes the difference in having a successful tradeshow. The kind of banner stand you should have depends upon your budget, space and the character of your product. Modular units leave a more respectable impression and can be very useful in creating an interest around your display systems. They can be assembled according to your needs so they will fit your massage and uniqueness and also be reused in future exhibitions, which make them financially beneficial for the long term. Planning your massage around one main theme helps in creating unifying feeling like a flowing design which will make the exhibition participants gather around your stand and communicate with your product. Near every banner you should have your regular team of salespersons and staff which will have to be consistent with the main theme. According to statistics, in a big exhibition hall, the salespersons have less than 5 seconds to pull the potential clients’ attention. That is all you have to present yourself and your profession and to explain the benefits in purchasing your product. In every exhibition room there are many businesses similar to yours that seduce the client with products similar to yours, so the competition is big and close. The secret of having a successful show depends upon the first impression the client gets from your display systems and it will determine if it was a waist of money or a milestone in promoting your business.

Pop up Display System - Versatile and Profitable
Pop up display systems are the cheapest and most common method today for display in events and exhibitions. The use of Pop up display systems is very common in exhibitions, store display, conferences and even political event, as an attractive background setup. Their popularity level is high because they are easy to use and have a great price, and also their assembling and disassembling is done in a matter of minutes. A typical pop up display includes two main parts. The main part is the retractable frame. The frame is actually the skeleton of the device which is usually made out of fiberglass or aluminum. After the pop up frame has been set up, it is wrapped in panels which are made of fabric or velcro which can be found in different sizes, or graphic panels that are made of a material similar to doralex. The panels are made of a durable material that was printed ahead in a wide format in high resolution.   In the shipment the frame can be folded to 20/76 cmr. When the pop up frame is open, the unit "jumps" and cerates a frame that is 2.4/2.4 meter. The frame weighs 7 kilo. When installed it is stable enough to stand on the floor. Usually there is no need for extra support. The panels that surround the frame are made of a special fabric that is attached by velcro or panels with graphic prints. Their size is 76 cm width on 2.4 meter height. Usually it takes about 4-8 panels to wrap the pop up frame with addition to the corners that is made out of the same material to wrap the corners of the frames. 
The pop up panels are flexible enough to be rolled and placed in an easy to carry bag that arrives with the device. Usually the panels are attached to the frame by magnetic strip that are placed on the back of the surface. The magnetic strips are attached to the magnets which are a part of the skeleton frame. The pop up becomes more stable once the panels are placed. If the pop up device has graphic panels than it is ready after the panels are placed on the frame. If you are using fabric panels, than you have a graphic print that is attached to the fabric with velcro strips. The graphic can be printed on an opaque material or it can be of a flexible vinyl material, which is actually, a vinyl banner that is used for indoors. There is also the possibility of using a graphic print on paper with lamination for flexibility and durability. Graphic panels are meant to be rolled and open many times without getting damaged. It is possible to add two or three halogen lights to the pop up, that are attached to the upper frame so that you could illuminate the graphic. The pop up device is built in a way that all its parts will fit into an easy to carry suitcase. This suitcase arrives with wheels so that one person can carry it from one place to another effortlessly. The suitcase can also be used as a podium or a counter. It is often covered with a graphic wrapping that matches the graphic that is placed on the pop up. A regular carting bag for a 2.4 or 3 meters device is small enough for fitting in a car trunk or a car back seat. The case with the device in it weight about 30 kilo, depends upon the graphic and the choice of the size of pop up. One of the pop up advantages is how easy it is to assemble and disassemble it. Usually one person in an average height can assemble the pop up device in 20 minutes. If you are under 1.65 cm, you will probably need to climb a small chair to get to the upper parts of the device. If you think that a pop up display device answers your demands, you may want to add a few banners or retractable banners as an addition. These banners arrive in a carrying bag and can be carried on the shoulder and assembled in a matter of seconds. Whatever you display demands may be, it is likely that you will find a very profitable display unit that is both portable and easy to assemble and your marketing efforts will bear fruits.

Banners are Effective in Advertising
Advertising is a great method to bring your products and services to the public’s knowledge. You can advertize on TV, radio, send flyers or post display devices in strategic places. Display devices are effective economical tools and are a great way to make your clients curious about the product. Imagine your are driving on the freeway, your goal is looking on the road ahead, but your eyes will always wonder to the billboards, adds or banner devices. The product will be engraved in your memory and you will look for it when you shop. The most common use of display devices is in exhibitions, conferences and etc. but that’s not a bad idea to use them for promoting your business and products by placing them in places that have big crowds, like crowded markets. You can always move the device from one place to another easily, but its best to put them in a very noticeable place so they will stand out even more. Another advantage is that display devices can be storage and reuse in future events. For example, if your product is mainly sold during the winter season (like sweaters) you can advertise it during the winter season and storage the device until the next winter season. There are different kinds of display devices like retractable banner devices which are very popular, rolling devices, panoramic or straight devices and more. All you have to do is choosing the best, most profitable solution for the product or service you have to offer. The banners have many names and forms like roll up, pop up, L banner and more.

Banner Devices - a Great Way to Promote Your Business
People advertize to sell their products. However in the competitive environment of today it is not easy to sell and many of the manufacturers are having difficulties. The reason some products are more successful than others has to do with a good campaign and sales promotion. There are different advertisement means like TV, radio internet and more. An additional mean of products promotion is by using banner devices. Display devices are the many different devices you see in exhibitions, conferences and tradeshows. Display devices usually present an advertisement of products or services in a beautiful graphic manner and eye catching colors.   You can post the display devices in different places like markets, shopping malls, conferences and more. An attractive display device is economically smart because the costs are small and the profit you gain from the advertisement is huge. There are a number of banner display devices, like a retractable banner, also known as the roll up. In a recent survey it was found that most of the small businesses prefer to use display devices as their main mean of advertising. Actually, bigger businesses also prefer the banner devices since they are very economical. You can place the display devices in many different places. According to the survey, clients tend to remember the products they saw on the banners. Some of them even claim that this method is better than TV commercials since they took the time to read the advertisement on the banner and remembered it. In short, display devices are a great way to promote your business which brings the launched product to the public knowledge.

Banner Devices - Costs and Effectiveness.
The use of banners devices is one of the best ways to advertise these days. These display devices are powerful advertising tools that draw people’s eyes and thus are very noticeable. A banner device displays the massage in a unique and attractive way and reaches the viewer quickly. The banner devices are very cost effective and businesses with small budget can use them as an effective advertising tool.   The banner devices are the best way to advertise a product or a new service. There are a few banner devices like roll up banners, display devices, adjustable devices, personalized modular devices and more. You can use banner devices in promoting indoor or outdoor events. One of the most unique characteristics of banner devices is the ability to add graphic printing on both sides. This is very effective in exhibitions since it draws people’s attention. There are banners in different sizes and they can be easily assembled and disassembled.   A graphic design and a strong massage on a banner device is a winning combination in sales promotion events. You should really invest in excellent graphic if you want to draw a lot of attention. Display devices and banners are very powerful tools of advertisement and very cost effective. The cost of banners is 1/10 in comparison to the cost of advertising in other mediums.

This is Why Businessman Love Banners
There are a few methods of advertising and using banner devices are one of the most preferred these days. The reason businessman use banners is for promoting new products or notifying shoppers of sales. These devices are flexible, effective and easy to carry and they arrive with a carrying bag so they are very portable. These banners can be folded and rolled up or down which prevents the print from any damage.   Here are some advantages of the banners:  
• Banner devices are very easy to install and disassemble. Only one person is needed to do this and it takes only a few seconds.
• Banner devices are very effective tools for advertising and they have a proven ability to increase sales.
• Research has shown that banners draw bigger attention than flayers and brochures.
• Banners devices height is at eye level so that they draw a lot of attention and can not be avoided.
• The fair price of banner devices offer the best value and they can be used and reused in stores, exhibitions and etc. 
The use of banner devices exists for a long time now and you can see many devices in exhibitions and stores since they promote products and services and increase sales. Banner devices are one of the easiest, cheapest ways for every business and it works everywhere. Most of the companies that install booths in exhibitions prefer banner devices since they can be easily installed in a carrying bag. Purchasing a banner device is a great investment and one of the most effective advertising tools in the 21st century.

The Great Selection of Banners
Most of exhibitors have problems carrying their heavy display systems from one exhibition to another. The most effective solution both financially and weight wise us a banner device. Banner devices are easy to carry and assembling and draw a lot of attention when displayed. Another advantage is that exhibitors in tradeshows can display their banners on a big surface and for a very good price.   There are many different kinds of banner devices in the market. You can choose retractable banners (all you need to do is just open it and spread it) or banners with pulls that hold the graphic that is printed on the fabric or paper (those banners are made of aluminum). The banners are light weighed and weigh about 4-7 kilo while some are lighter and some heavier, it depends upon their size. People in the business of tradeshows and exhibitions love the different methods of display.   In a recent survey it was found that most of exhibitors prefer the retractable banner devices over other banner devices. The presenters explained that the retractable banner devices are better since they can be assembled, disassembled and carried from one place to another easily. Although other banners like metal pulls are cheaper than the retractable banners, the exhibitors preferred the retractable banner devices.

Roll Up Banners for Tradeshows
As the name suggests, roll up devices are easily rolled up and down, which is the main characteristic of a roll up banner. The graphic is displayed at the front of the roll up and the potential clients get a clear view of your product or service. The graphic is placed on the roll up in a manner that one look of it is enough to get the image and the massage through. In this way, the roll up translates the image and letters into sales. This advertising system has been tried and tested and its popularity grows on a daily bases.   Today, people use the roll up banners in exhibitions to draw potential clients. The use of a roll up banner is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise in exhibitions. Since most of the exhibitions last about a day or two and most of the people that visit them usually participate in hundreds of different exhibitions for promoting their products and sales, the best thing is to use the roll up banner. The roll up banners can be folded and they are comfortable for carrying and are well preserved in their special carrying bag. The price of a roll up is relatively low and it displays any graphic design in an elegant manner.   The roll up banner is very light weighted has low cost and above all, it draws people’s attention. The length of the roll up can be fitted to your specifications. The graphics on the roll up is not damaged after retractable or during the installation in the exhibitions since it is covered with lamination on both sides. The roll up banners are very light, easy to use and economical.

Retractable Banner Devices - Great Demand
Banner devices created a niche of their own. Exhibitors love banners and are using them for advertising. Retractable banners are also known as roll up banners. They got their names since they can be spread easily, installed, folded and carried.   Although there are few banner devices like rolling banners and personalized banners, most people prefer the roll up banners. Roll up banners arrive in different sizes and display the graphic beautifully. Retractable banners are very popular and easy to carry. You don’t need a special kind of tool to install them or disassemble them.   Banners are an important tool for those who wish to advertise their business. You can hire a professional to design a beautiful graphics that will leave an impression on the viewer. Even though hiring a designer is an expensive thing, it is very important to do so and it adds to the memory level of the client.   It doesn’t matter what king of banner you will use, what is important is that it will enlarge the attention you will receive from your banner. The more people looking at your banner, the more chances you have to promote you products and enlarge your sales. The prominent advantage of the retractable banners is that you can place them everywhere and carry them easily to the next exhibition.

Roll up banner stand:
Roll-up banner stands are ideal for fast, no-fuss display. Our units come with premium quality printed graphic panels, which simply pull-up out of the unit ready for exhibiting. Roll-up banner stands are available in different widths. Roll-up banner stand heights are possible using roll-up display stand with telescopic poles. Each roll-up banner stand is supplied with a carrying bag that has a strap. The material used is an extra strong polyvinyl PVC banner that will withstand cleaning, sunlight and long ink clarity life. The roll-up banner stands has a very simple to use, easy change graphic system so when you need to change your marketing message there is no need to send the display banner stand hardware back to us we simple send you a new banner.

Pop up display stand
The pop up display stand offer the optimal portable display and portable exhibition solution. Our professionally produced Velcro attached graphics or photo mural panels (additional) are sure to enhance your Image or Branding message. Pop up display system make a bold, competitive statement for your organization. Use a Pop up display stands and communicate your sales message with clarity and emotion. Maximize your sales and profits! The highly developed modular construction enables to user to connect individual pop up displays to produce combinations, large presentations, as well as small and large exhibition stands . The prestige pop up display exhibition system offers the optimal portable display and portable exhibition solution. Graphic panels are attached to the pop up display system by magnetic bar. The pop up display system is ideal solution if you are looking for a lightweight pop up display system. This display systems distinguishes itself by the optimum ease of use, open the display stand and hang the panels, which attach to the frame using magnetic bars.

L banner stands
The L banner display banner stands are the ultimate in lightweight, low cost display banners presentation. The L banner display stand has a classic spring back system. Slim line, push together flexible rods make the L banner display stand quick and simple to assemble. Each system comes complete in its own light weight carry bag. The L banner display stands has a very simple to use, easy change graphic system so when you need to change your marketing message there is no need to send the display banners stands hardware back to us we simple send you a new banners .

X banner stands
The X banner display banner stands Ideal to use for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, promotional advertising or any where else where you need a display graphic with impact. A simple to use lightweight entry level, No tools no parts to lose. Graphics attach using eyelets so. The X banner display banner stands has a very simple to use, easy change graphic system so when you need to change your marketing message there is no need to send the display banner stands hardware back to us we simple send you a new banner.

Mini rollup banner stands
When you need a small display banner stand graphic with big impact. The Mini Roll up display banner stand Ideal for the Retail environment, on counters or displays. The mini roll up display banner stand is ideal for promotion, advertising campaigns and marketing. This mini roll-up display banner stand is quick to assemble and easy to use. Easy change graphic system so when you need to change your marketing message there is no need to send the banner stand hardware back to us we simple send you a new banner.

Mini x banner stand
When you need a small display banner stand graphic with big impact. Very attractive mini x banner display banner stand to your point of sale The mini x banner display stands are now starting to become a popular marketing choice. The Mini X banner display stand has a very simple to use, easy change graphic system so when you need to change your marketing message there is no need to send the display banner stand hardware back to us we simple send you a new banner.

Mini L banner stand
When you need a small display banner stand graphic with big impact. The Mini L banner display banner stands are the ultimate in lightweight, low cost display banner presentation. The Mini L banner displays banner stands has a classic spring back system. Slim line, push together flexible rods make the Mini L banner display banner stand quick and simple to assemble. Each system comes complete in its own light weight carry bag. The Mini L banner display banner stand has a very simple to use, easy change graphic system so when you need to change your marketing message there is no need to send the display banner stand hardware back to us we simple send you a new banners.

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